Welcome to the Karana EQ-EMU Server

Server Ruleset:
FIRST: ​Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/BKvbX2YPXq

  • 3x Xp, Bonus Group/Raid/AA Xp. Run speed to SOW at the start.
  • Max level 86. Skills and Spells auto trained and maxed.
  • Bots and Mercs enabled. You can have 23 bot spawned + a merc at any time. You can create up to 150 bots, so feel free to explore different combos.
  • Epic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 all dropped. Epic 3.0 Quest Line +3.5 Augs!
  • #zone and #findzone enabled for instant zoning / fast travel.
  • Plenty of custom NPCs; Buffer, Reagent merchant, all the QoL stuff you’d want in our main hub the Guild Lobby.
  • NPC turn-in for LDON cards for XP/AA rewards. (Fyi LDONs are enabled and working)
  • Custom Expedition Trials, Missions, and Tasks
  • Random chance an NPC in any zone will have random loot. Note: The NPC will shout when it spawns that it has something tasty; happy hunting! 
  • You’ll be able to complete the server with 1 set of bots. Although we have a limit at 2 connections per IP if you want to 2-box.
  • All Pets added from 70-86, including Bots!
  • MQ2 Welcome, Warp? Sure.
  • Core mechanics like Crit / Bow Damage / Dire Charm are increased in %dmg, %change and/or effective level increased. 
  • Alot more…