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07/28/22 – Server Updates

-T2 Shade Aug slot all converted to 7 type vs 8 to be more consistent with Seals and other drops.
-Bristolebane’s drop slot 7 added
-#showstats will now work for any player. Good for seeing Pet HP etc
-Ranger AA ‘Pack Hunt Pets – Working.
-Mage Swarm Pet line (Rancorous / Rambling / Rampaging) 75+ – Working
-SK AA ‘Chattering Bones’ pets – Working
-Enchanter AA ‘Phantasmal Opponent’ will summon a pet (not a “doppelganger”) – Working
-Wizard AA ‘Call of Xuzi’ pets – Working.
-Necro AA ‘Rise Bones’ and ‘Swam of Decay’ pets – Working
-New Pet weapon/armor merchant in the GL. See Tiggly Wiggly.

07/24/22 – Server Updates

-The Storm quest line has been expanded. Take note of the conversation you have while spawning him and items you collect.
-A Spectra has landed in the guildlobby to help direct those to Spectra Island in Oasis
-70+ Karana Charms have had Gate removed and replaced with a port to Guild Lobby.

07/21/22 – Server Updates

-#mystats now available
-^applypotion can now be applied to non-rogue bots
-Gambit’s Card is more descriptive
-Tweaks to The Storms loot

Tier 2
-Added missing Shadowknight Armor.
-Removed items that should not have been available on Commander Rael.

07/16/22 – Server Update

-Premium Coin of Shade will no longer drop from relloc/t/p.
-The Storm has gathered more strength.
-OldBB/Befallen mobs will all have a small chance to drop a Karana Fragment. Previously only select mobs within the zone held them.
-Oasis plate chest has been added to a few more mobs
-Removed Halas/Rellop armor dropping from The Theater

07/15/2022 – Server Update

-Dragonscale (~75lvl ish) has new custom loot inline with Looping (700-900hp) drops
-Unrest/Mistmore increased lootdrops of rough defiant
-Crypt of Dalnir has some Epic 1.0’s for those that outlevel Crushbone/Mistmore too quickly
-Various tweaks to boss encounters and quest script
-We now have a new website
-With a Character Browser!
-Updated server binary
–Crypt of Shade–
-Coin of Shade’ drop rate has been increased.
-Premium Coin of Shade has been added to the boss droploot (this coin is a little rarer, but is worth a fair bit).

5/29/22 – 07/14/22 – Server Updates

1) Spell casting times (big nukes/heals) > 1.4seconds, have been reduced globally by 15%
2) Item cast times reduced by 25%
3) Item Spelldmg Increase
3) Item Healamt Increased
4) Item Health/Mana/Endurance regen has been increased.
5) Bot Mana/Health regen Increased
6) Kramer now has a basic set of defiant gear to outfit your team while you hunt for upgrades. Check Building near the gang in pok

Updated to latest server binaries – Thanks @DougalDragon … Should be a bit more stable. We had been on an older version.

And…we’re back. Zoning issues fx’ed.

Minor update to client file GlobalLoad.txt South Ro / Sro ground was either non-existent or appeared as lava.. The ground is not lava!

-Dire charm + Pet Affinity AA’s starting levels reduced to 51 (edit, verified working)
-Bot regen increased
-Bot rez sickness time reduced.
-Leadership AA’s kills cut by 70%
Mortimer Greenwald — 06/01/2022
-Maps/Opcodes/Binaries updated to latest.

Unrest – Level 20-35

  • Simple Defiant gear has been added and drop rate increased.
  • Some nameds have had an increase in over stats to balance the new loot drop.

Stonehive – Level 35 – 50

This zone, frequently bypassed has now become something not to ignore, a viable place to upgrade your bots gear, allowing all bar leather wearers to upgrade.

  • Average monster level increased.
  • Silk/Plate armor frequently drops at a higher rate & boosted statistics – Maelin’s & Raex’s set.
  • Some jewelry, cloaks and range items aren’t to be ignored.
  • Overall loot % raised.
  • Rellos has loyal followers here, kill them.. All.
    Endtime — 06/06/2022
    Plane of Hate / Fear – Level 50-70

To assist with the armor gap, a quick implementation has been put in placed, a quick way to gear bots to get into the next tier. However, they are class specific so a grind will be required!

  • The armor drop has been increased for class specific only.
  • Statistics of these pieces have also been increased.

Binaries updated to address memory leak issue.

  • Boosted all loot drops by 5% globally.
    Mortimer Greenwald — 06/08/2022
    -Guild Lobby is now our main huib. #zone GuildLobby
    -Fixed Oasis armor Rec/Req Level issue
    -Slight Increase to mana regen cap (items) on players.
    Mortimer Greenwald — 06/09/2022
    -Connie in the GL found some augments.
    Endtime — 06/13/2022
    -Veriax, Blade of Champions – The recourse proc has been removed & weapon will be tradeable.
    -Arc, Staff of the Pyromancer is now tradeable.

Will be live on next restart

-Overall world danger has increased.
Keep your head on a swivel. Unfinished zones where mobs might have been indifferent might be more aggressive. (I noticed some people collecting loot in those unfinished zones)

-Hubert in the guildlobby is back from his travels. He has a bunch of crap for free! good for low level Bots/Noobs alike. Enjoy

-Spawn times will be reduced by half of those spawn timers longer than 20min. Additionally, spawn times globally will have a max of 4 hours.
Next restart

-Boosted all loot drops by an additional 2% globally
-Longest Respawn time is now 30min for the most rare of mobs.

-Veriax, Blade of Champions has had a proc added to increase the tanking capability of the Warrior.

-The Steppes has become more dangerous for 60-70 adventurers. Where danger lurks so do rewards.

-Go and see the Emissary of Karana, i hear he has released locations to build the Epic 3.5 Augment..

-Crypt of Shade (Beta lvl 85) is more lively. There are some supplemental drops now live.
We have more planned for this zone. Feedback welcome.

-Redfeather Sand Stone – Added General Raid for augmentation

-Redfeather Island has been boosted to be a little harder


  • Epic 3.5 Augment Completed – Speak to the Emissary of Karana in Guild Lobby, Lord Karana has another hand in to be completed!

TLDR; Once you have thew 4 fragments, hand in to Lord Karana & receive the Tear of Karana II. With this item & your class specific token, you will receive the below:

Tank Aug – Protection, Jewel of Karana
Proc: Blast of Anger
Melee Aug – Damage, Jewel of Karana
Proc: Speed of Novak Rk. III
Caster Aug – Death, Jewel of Karana
Proc: Forethought Rk. III
Healer Aug – Health, Jewel of Karana
Proc: Elixir of the Ardent Rk. III

If there are any issues, please send me a message. This will be the end of the 3.0 Epic Line.


  • Fixed Merchant Yannia’ handins for Expedition Tokens, they now award Guk points.
Custom Zone Updates

The 40-50 Custom Zones now have a chance to drop the Elaborate Defiant armor.

Zone Specific Updates
  1. Oasis
  • Rellop now drops specialty items, worth farming..
  • Rellop’s [Plate, Chain, Leather, Cloth] Pieces are now stackable for farming & drop rate has been slightly increased.
  • Oasis Armor will drop a bit more frequently now.
  • Captain Lucah now offers upgradeable gear from the Oasis drops, collect the materials required to upgrade them.

-Some server side tweaks to make sure we’re not running out of zone processes. We’re gaining in popularity!… we did it for the gram.
-Random drop script tweaked. Pets/Bots will no longer spam you.
-Relllop found magic and has been buffed to reflect his status in relation to the other generals.
-Buff Master Flex can buff all.

-Lord Karana’s hand in has been fixed.
-Captain Lucah’s plate arms has been fixed.
Mortimer Greenwald — 06/23/2022
-Deity requirements removed from all items.
-Recommended item levels removed completely.

-Mintra has had some adjustments – Now tradeable & has Aug Slots.
-Obscurity has had some adjustments – AC has been doubled, worn affect added, extra aug slot & extra stat boosts.
-Oasis chain for Rogues has been rectified.

Please remember to let us know about bugs as soon as you see them!

-Binaries updated to address some mem leaks
-Bots got some love by Mr. @Kinglykrab :
–Added auto spawning on zone for bot groups.
–So you just do ^botgroupautospawn with the bot group leader targeted and it will toggle it, so you can have bot groups auto spawn on zone.
–Can toggle it off as well using the same command.
–Added a saylink to ^botgrouplist, too, for easy loading.
bot saylink
-Rangers / archers can now use a bow very close to mobs. If you want to shoot an arrow with the mob next to you who am I to stop that?
-LDON no longer require stones to enter
-Global Server Disconnect timeout reduced from 10minutes to 2min.
-There were other various item fixes.
-More to come later this week.



  • Paladin & Shadowknight 3.0 Epic revamped to a 1hs weapon, this is to bring all tanks in line to have wep/shield theme.
  • Some armor has been renamed to fit into the tier progression of Karana.
  • Halas Armor has been revamped to suit tier progression.
  • Oasis Armor has been revamped to suit tier progression.
  • Oasis zone has had a minor increase in difficulty, oasis is the tier AFTER bloodmoon’s Vitallium.


  • Merchant Yannia (Now known as Commander Yannia) can take multiple Tokens from her expeditions in Halas. She has also been moved to a separate room to align with the Tier Commanders.
  • Shadowknight 3.0 has been fixed, it should have been 1HS, however the change did not stick.
  • Rogue can no longer use the Ranger 3.0 Epic.
    Endtime — 07/05/2022
  • Fix to the Premium Oasis Plate for Clerics.
    Mortimer Greenwald — 07/09/2022
    -Mage, Necro, Beastlord, Shaman, Enchanter
    80-85 pets have been added. (next restart)
    Endtime — 07/09/2022
  • Rellop’s drop rate has been slightly increased.
  • See Shorty Gavarn in Guild Lobby to the new Karana’s Seal Augments (you will need to earn 750 in Tak before being able to purchase the stones)

Shade, Tier 2 is released @ Crypt of Shade!
Be warned.. This zone is not easy!
Collect the coins (little stones) and hand them into Commander Rael for your points.

-Minor fix for logic in turnins for glowing armor lines.
-Gabmit now has become more of a gamble. Now there’s a chance of a reward of 1-5 AA instead of the prior static 3. Good Luck, Mon Ami.
-Bard AOE can be used while running. (This was a rule EQ live took away which I always thought was stupid)
-Rello* Have some added Lootdrops
-A Howling Wind quest line is now in beta. Enjoy, please report any bugs
-Unrest/Mistmore will have rough defiant drops on next svr Restart. (thanks for feedback!)