07/15/2022 – Server Update

-Dragonscale (~75lvl ish) has new custom loot inline with Looping (700-900hp) drops
-Unrest/Mistmore increased lootdrops of rough defiant
-Crypt of Dalnir has some Epic 1.0’s for those that outlevel Crushbone/Mistmore too quickly
-Various tweaks to boss encounters and quest script
-We now have a new website https://karanaeq.com/
-With a Character Browser! https://karanaeq.com/Char/index.php
-Updated server binary
–Crypt of Shade–
-Coin of Shade’ drop rate has been increased.
-Premium Coin of Shade has been added to the boss droploot (this coin is a little rarer, but is worth a fair bit).

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