07/28/22 – Server Updates

-T2 Shade Aug slot all converted to 7 type vs 8 to be more consistent with Seals and other drops.
-Bristolebane’s drop slot 7 added
-#showstats will now work for any player. Good for seeing Pet HP etc
-Ranger AA ‘Pack Hunt Pets – Working.
-Mage Swarm Pet line (Rancorous / Rambling / Rampaging) 75+ – Working
-SK AA ‘Chattering Bones’ pets – Working
-Enchanter AA ‘Phantasmal Opponent’ will summon a pet (not a “doppelganger”) – Working
-Wizard AA ‘Call of Xuzi’ pets – Working.
-Necro AA ‘Rise Bones’ and ‘Swam of Decay’ pets – Working
-New Pet weapon/armor merchant in the GL. See Tiggly Wiggly.

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