Monthly Archives: August 2022

08/17/2022 – Server Updates

-“Rellop Gauntlets of Oasis” have vanished from Oasis loot tables.
-Damage, Jewel of Karana now usable by Zerkers.
-He Burns won’t run under map anymore.
-Premium Oasis Armor: AC has been slightly adjusted lower.
-Added T2: Necro Helm, Druid/Bst Legs, Necro/Bard/Ranger/Rogue Boots, Shaman Chest, Monk Wrist

08/15/2022 – Server Updates

-Halas / Shade Armor ac, hp, mana, endur adjusted for tiering.
-Enchanter bot casting Druid spell Reptile line.. has been fixed.
-Enchanter Bot: added higher level Mez spells.
-Wizard temp pet Sword line is now implemented 74-85 spells.
-Removed unusable potions from Mr. Reagent
-Relloc’s shared lootdrop items (of Rellop/m) drop rate decreased. He’s too easy for the quality of loot.
-BST Bot pet spells added for 73-85
-Implemented a bug fix for BOT groups (no data found errors). Please let us know if you have issues.

08/10/2022 – Server Updates

-NPC Hail/Say distance increased
-Elaborate Defiant gear req level is now 41
-2.0 Epic Augs req level 65 (vs 70)
-Epic 1.0s should all have type 4 aug slots.
-Epic 1.0s weapons with proc lvl limitations moved lower to lvl 25
-7 of the new additions to T2 have had their req level set to 80.

07/31/22 – Server Updates

-Updated to latest source code.
-Further additions to T2 Armor. 99% complete
-#petname enabled. Rename YOUR pets. (Note: doesn’t work on bot pets)
-Arcanist Soloris has been revamped to be a bit more helpful. Armor/Weapon progression/Start Guide now listed.
-#aug has been enabled….#augmentitem Force augments an item. Must have the augment item window open.
-Group xp changed from .8 to 1. Meaning group members will no longer leach xp. The implication of this is that a bot on your team won’t take it