Monthly Archives: December 2022

November– Server Updates

-Rellom now has a chance to drop an Shade Armor Piece
-Cleric 3.0 has a new click effect (group heal) + foci effect from 2.0 carried over
-Buffer has been buffed (updated for 80+ spell tiers)
-Bots will now show up as shadowmen in the GL (helps reduce lag, note: You can still buff em, give them stuff, etc.)
-Racechanger has been fixed.
-Fixed a bug that would cause Familiars to cast Ranger spells.
-Updated Server Binaries to latest builds (adds great new bot features, in testing)
-Pre-Alpha zone, a work in progress.
-Ranger Bots now have more of an arsenal of spells 80+

October – Server Updates

-Added summoning bags lists to Tiggly Wiggly (Pet Weapons)
-Enchanter Epic 3.0 effect changed to Rune (15kdmg)
-Enchanter Aura’s added to spell lines 72+
-Elaborate / Elegant defiant can will start to drop in 50-80 custom zones.
-Epic 1.5s will drop more frequently in Plane of Fear
-Servant of Ro AA (magician) fixed
-Monster Summoning line to lvl 85 fixed
-Updated to latest binaries
-All disabled lootdrop entries have been restored. Defiant will drop globally.

September – Server Updates

-The Storm’s regen has been tuned down slightly
-Titus Pomponius Atticus (our currency trader) is now offering AA’s for plat, AA’s for Halas/Sahde Token & Coins
-Savage Lord has been tweaked.. his brothers are next to him to offer Easy, Medium, and Hard. Hopefully this will address the issue where people got suck and couldn’t zone.
-Updated to latest binaries
-Fixed an exploit in new DZ/Task system
-Nexus spires now work as intended, every 10min…not that we need them. Just that I like things to work right.