April – Server Updates

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/03/2023 12:47 PM
-Update to v 2.9.0 – Bot Groups have been removed. You can still invite bots to your group. But beyond 1 group create a raid. You can make social macros to spawn your team and /raidinvite botname. In a later update there will be an easier way to do this in bulk. The project team saw fit to eliminate bot groups due to the amount of crashes among the EQMU community. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/03/2023 4:42 PM
-Update to v 2.9.1 Bots can now be invited to raid. Also fixed a number of unrelated bot crashes.
-Raids will no longer suck xp per member. It will be as if you’re solo like it was in bg groups. (edited)
April 9, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/09/2023 4:17 PM
-Various updates to items
April 10, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/10/2023 5:10 AM
-Bots will now cast single target buffs as group buffs. Note: Does not make single target buffs work for MGB
–This should help with less spam and get us back to the action quicker (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/10/2023 5:38 PM
-New task added to poShadow – lets say it’s pet friendly.
-Level 86+ HP/Stat bars should be working correctly. You’ll see a boost to your overall stats when you hit 86. As an example I had 62k hp pre-fix now I have 74k. (edited)

April 11, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/11/2023 3:56 PM
-Poshadow tasks now give more chrono’s per completion. We did some calculating, was way too grindy.

April 13, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/13/2023 9:32 PM
-Bug Fix: Shade of Karana will not spawn on zone entry. Only when Dragon killed. I went through logs, no one exploited this bug.. well done.
-Bug Fix: Naga will no longer banish you
-Bug Fix: Oracle Maeth will relevel you max level 86… was set to 85 (our previous max level) (edited)

April 14, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/14/2023 6:52 AM
-Removed the attunable flag for all Augs. Should have it easier to gear bots without the hassle of #augitem and the birdbath. (edited)


Mortimer Greenwald — 04/14/2023 11:49 AM
-Various tweaks to the Dragon King in poShadow. Enjoy
April 17, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/17/2023 10:20 AM
-Updates to shadow loot tables
–Chrono’s will drop more frequently.
–Weapon Augs have begun to drop
–Sublime augs will drop as well… GL
-New Named Added as well (edited)
April 28, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/28/2023 9:58 AM
-Cleaned up Race Blind (Temp race changer in GL).. bit more fun
-Added a new CPU to server
-Put in fix for Mercs (edited)
May 20, 2023

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