January 24′ – Server Updates

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/07/2024 4:29 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.40.0
—Bots – Resist Spell Fix – See if bots are casting higher level resist spells
—Fix issue with 9th/10th inventory slot: @Xicru this could fix that inventory issue.
—#clearxtargets Command
—Ton of other rebasing changes and fixes. (edited)
January 9, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/09/2024 3:09 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.41.0
-T5 is entering beta. If you’re level 86 the new task giver in guild lobby will talk to you and offer some preliminary tasks. The only buyable piece will be bracers. The rest will be a mix of Karana Phosphene’s and items given from future tasks and well as other methods..
–Note: T5 is limited to 2 groups (limit 3 same class) vs full raid. Suggest most of the team is in T4 gear prior but hey FAFO. Have fun.
–Bosses are still going through some tweaking and finalization but please feel free to FAFO (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/09/2024 8:17 PM

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/10/2024 9:30 PM
-Added over 14,000 new items to our db. As such, they’ll be available via random drops. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/13/2024 8:15 AM
-Sinister Plenipotentiary (T5) will now offer 2 boss quests / Forge 2 rewards.
-Items dropping/quested in T5:: Gloves, Arms, Boots, Chest, Legs
–Non-Vis pieces coming soon (edited)
January 14, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/14/2024 9:00 AM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.0
–Bard Song Aggro has been lowered.
–Alt Sinister Strikes – dmg in secondary slot has increased dps with AA
–Shoulder AC now impacts bash with 2 handers (about a 30% increase in minimum dmg) PAL/SHD (edited)
January 15, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/15/2024 8:24 AM
-DD Worldwide Buffer – He’s a friendly frog that will buff every player on the server for a price in GL. Note: He has lvl 90 buffs (greater than Buff master flex) for those eligible. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/17/2024 3:39 PM
-Redfeather respawn time cut in half
-Redfeather Increased the Instance duration from 30min to 60min
-T5 All bosses are itemized. GL (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/19/2024 7:33 AM
-Increased % drop for T5 non-vis loots
-Shaman pets level 65+ will cast a slow on their target. Always felt they needed a little love
-Cleaned up a bunch of swarm pet and other pet spells lists
-NPC’s spell list cleanup (the world might feel a bit more alive)
-Prep for Epic 4.0s (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/19/2024 11:54 AM
-Respawn timers globally have a max time of 1200 seconds (only 120 npcs with this). While the vast majority under 15 minutes. Enjoy.. This updated about 46,000 spawn timers.
-Mutrus Sword & T4 weapons are no longer Lore. In prep for Epic 4.0s (edited)
January 21, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/21/2024 9:33 PM
-Dire charm (animal, undead, regular) max level set to 82 from 70.
-NPC spells lists have been updated. Expect the world to feel a bit more deadly
-More prep for Epic 4.0 line. Tasks and quests 96% complete. We’re now creating the epics… siiiiick
-Epic 3.0’s weapons now have added Bane damage. wonder why? (edited)
January 22, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/22/2024 11:27 AM
-Fixed an issue with bot pets spawning with random loot vs pet weapons (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/22/2024 3:37 PM
-Dire charm (animal, undead, regular) recast timer set to 15minutes vs 72minutes
-Fixed some T1-5 bodytypes (undead). Might help with undead only spells. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/23/2024 2:50 PM
-The Guild lobby will now invis (temp turn into shadowmen) your bots to improve performance. This should help with dc’s. You will be able to use buff bot etc as normal.
-Instancers in Oasis and Frostcrypt have been created.. See the Friendly Ghost. (edited)
January 25, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/25/2024 2:35 PM
-T3 Respawn timers adjusted to 7.5 minutes vs 6.66
-Updates to T5 wording for turnins
-Epic 4.0 prework (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/26/2024 11:55 AM
-Friendly Ghosts (Instancers) will no longer be killable by players. (You heathens)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/26/2024 12:10 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.2
—Hiring a Merc will now work again.
—Bots: ^mez command will now work with Nerco bots
-Fippy’s voice can no longer be heard cross zones. (edited)
January 29, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/29/2024 11:35 AM
-GL bots turning into shadowmen, updated to all uniform size; cleaner that way.
-Arcane Soloris will encourage people to visit him once an hour. I’m hoping it reduces the amount of time I type to new people to talk to him.
-The Storm will be less noisy (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/30/2024 4:43 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.3
Updates for US specifically
1) Potential fix for some zone crashing. Noticed in PoShadow – Crash in HateList::Find #4027
2) #petitems command will now work with Targeting Bot Pets @WizBam007
3) Cross-zone/World-wide casts to affect Bots/Mercenaries/Pets – Our worldwide buffer will now hit everything.
January 31, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/31/2024 5:09 PM
-T3 Fractured Soul has increased AC/HP

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/31/2024 5:48 PM
-Bot Dual Wield Fix – Bots were using their Primary weapon in both hands. Been a year long bug!
-Worldcast now works on bot pets

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