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February 24′ – Server Updates

-Bot Non-Melee dmg is now being reported to the client!…parse away!

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/03/2024 8:33 AM
-Addressing some zone crashing with this update provided by @n!te ; thanks Nite! (edited)
February 7, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/07/2024 4:45 PM
-PoK is now a second hub if the GL proves unstable.
-Level 25 and under players will be assigned a task to seek out Arcanist Soloris when zoning into our hub zones. They’ll even get a charm upon hailing him.
-an enslaved Minotaur (Tier 5) is now working as intended. (edited)
February 9, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/09/2024 7:50 AM
-Updated quest files to be up to date with project team (40 updates)
-On latest discord -> eq chat client. Solves some syntax issues from prior version.
-Added connect messages to world chat.. “Playername (level) Race Class has connected.” (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/09/2024 10:06 AM
-Rogues: Slight increase to backstab dmg (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/12/2024 12:03 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.44.2
-Fix Froglok Starting Languages (no more gibberish in OOC)
-Adding Guild Tribute for ROF clients –
-Remove Alt Combat Functionality for Bots (Fixes a crash that was addressed for us, can thank @Kinglykrab )
-Monk: Slight increase to Epic 3.0 dmg
-Tweaks to 4.0 line and items. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/12/2024 3:34 PM
-Headhunter Mike has 2 new quests for those level 80+ (Rewards are 2 non-combat clickies for you and your bots.) (edited)
February 13, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/13/2024 4:16 PM
Character Browser will now show your bots if you search for yourself
February 14, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/14/2024 4:50 AM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.44.5
– (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/14/2024 3:32 PM
-We are testing an update for recent crashes that showed up.

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/14/2024 4:25 PM
-Player rogues now have a 25% chance to do a bonus Backstab (1.5x dmg).
-Bot rogues now have a 25% chance to do a bonus Backstab (x.75 dmg).
I’m evaluating both. Note: You won’t see the bot dmg in your chat, but it’s happening. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/14/2024 4:54 PM
sample text for player (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/14/2024 8:16 PM
-Tier 5 Helms are now dropping in zone.
-Other Tier 5 tweaks (edited)
February 15, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/15/2024 3:35 PM
bot rogues will now tell you when they perform an additional backstab per above.

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/16/2024 2:13 PM
A Rift in Time Awaits: Karana 4.0 Epic Weapon Quest!
Brave adventurers of the EQEMU Karana Server, the Plane of Shadow is just the beginning. Join forces with Karana and Zebuxoruk to thwart Krakun Muram the Unmaker and restore the Weave of Time. This epic journey will take you across the storied eras of Norrath, each brimming with unique challenges and timeless foes. Emerge victorious with the unparalleled power of an Epic 4.0. The fate of time is in your hands!

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/16/2024 4:10 PM
This is the brain child of @Malk !

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/18/2024 9:38 PM
-Added a cooldown to the prizebox. Noticed something fishy

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/20/2024 5:10 PM
-Tweaks to Epic 4.0 line
–Fix for Epic 4.0 Druid Turnin (edited)
February 21, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/21/2024 3:04 PM
Epic 4.0 turnin is changing. You will no longer be required to remove all Augs, go through the prompts and Karana will not only create the item (if you have the required items) for you but affix the Augs you had to the newly created Epic 4.0.
–You don’t actually hand in the items anymore
–Special thanks to @Kinglykrab for the assist on this one. (edited)
February 22, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/22/2024 7:57 AM
-Increase to task rewards in T5
-New task added to T5 (edited)
February 23, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/23/2024 10:07 AM
-Titus Pomponius Atticus will now swap (Zarith, Blade of Reavers) (1H) for (Zarith Blade of Reavers) (2H) back and forth. Be sure to remove augs.
-Also the 2H has bane dmg similar to other epic 3.0s

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/23/2024 10:36 AM
-Titus Pomponius Atticus will now swap Dreadmare armor (T5) into Phosphenes similar to the T4 exchange.

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/23/2024 3:40 PM
-We will be removing lore from Epic 3.0s and making them for slot Primary where applicable. This allows us to enable Titus Pomponius to provide an Epic 3.0 exchange option.
-He will accept your current Epic 3.0 and a class token of your choosing. Hell swap your epic for an epic 3.0 of that chosen token class. You’ll be able to purchase the token from him….. He’ll charge 200aa per swap
Pending reboot (edited)
February 24, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/24/2024 9:11 AM
-The Deep will now depop after 6.5minutes after being engaged the first time.

Kinglykrab — 02/24/2024 3:53 PM
Commander Yannia, Commander Rael, and Quellious Hand will now exchange all your coins/tokens automatically instead of requiring manual handins.
February 25, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/25/2024 8:31 AM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.45.0

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/25/2024 5:16 PM
-You can now Hail any bot and they will provide a link to their inventory on our website.
Each of those items on the website will link to our Alla site. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 02/29/2024 4:19 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.45.1
–SK 3.0 2-hander updated model.
–In the release there’s a fix for some bot-crashing.
March 1, 2024

January 24′ – Server Updates

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/07/2024 4:29 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.40.0
—Bots – Resist Spell Fix – See if bots are casting higher level resist spells
—Fix issue with 9th/10th inventory slot: @Xicru this could fix that inventory issue.
—#clearxtargets Command
—Ton of other rebasing changes and fixes. (edited)
January 9, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/09/2024 3:09 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.41.0
-T5 is entering beta. If you’re level 86 the new task giver in guild lobby will talk to you and offer some preliminary tasks. The only buyable piece will be bracers. The rest will be a mix of Karana Phosphene’s and items given from future tasks and well as other methods..
–Note: T5 is limited to 2 groups (limit 3 same class) vs full raid. Suggest most of the team is in T4 gear prior but hey FAFO. Have fun.
–Bosses are still going through some tweaking and finalization but please feel free to FAFO (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/09/2024 8:17 PM

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/10/2024 9:30 PM
-Added over 14,000 new items to our db. As such, they’ll be available via random drops. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/13/2024 8:15 AM
-Sinister Plenipotentiary (T5) will now offer 2 boss quests / Forge 2 rewards.
-Items dropping/quested in T5:: Gloves, Arms, Boots, Chest, Legs
–Non-Vis pieces coming soon (edited)
January 14, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/14/2024 9:00 AM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.0
–Bard Song Aggro has been lowered.
–Alt Sinister Strikes – dmg in secondary slot has increased dps with AA
–Shoulder AC now impacts bash with 2 handers (about a 30% increase in minimum dmg) PAL/SHD (edited)
January 15, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/15/2024 8:24 AM
-DD Worldwide Buffer – He’s a friendly frog that will buff every player on the server for a price in GL. Note: He has lvl 90 buffs (greater than Buff master flex) for those eligible. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/17/2024 3:39 PM
-Redfeather respawn time cut in half
-Redfeather Increased the Instance duration from 30min to 60min
-T5 All bosses are itemized. GL (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/19/2024 7:33 AM
-Increased % drop for T5 non-vis loots
-Shaman pets level 65+ will cast a slow on their target. Always felt they needed a little love
-Cleaned up a bunch of swarm pet and other pet spells lists
-NPC’s spell list cleanup (the world might feel a bit more alive)
-Prep for Epic 4.0s (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/19/2024 11:54 AM
-Respawn timers globally have a max time of 1200 seconds (only 120 npcs with this). While the vast majority under 15 minutes. Enjoy.. This updated about 46,000 spawn timers.
-Mutrus Sword & T4 weapons are no longer Lore. In prep for Epic 4.0s (edited)
January 21, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/21/2024 9:33 PM
-Dire charm (animal, undead, regular) max level set to 82 from 70.
-NPC spells lists have been updated. Expect the world to feel a bit more deadly
-More prep for Epic 4.0 line. Tasks and quests 96% complete. We’re now creating the epics… siiiiick
-Epic 3.0’s weapons now have added Bane damage. wonder why? (edited)
January 22, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/22/2024 11:27 AM
-Fixed an issue with bot pets spawning with random loot vs pet weapons (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/22/2024 3:37 PM
-Dire charm (animal, undead, regular) recast timer set to 15minutes vs 72minutes
-Fixed some T1-5 bodytypes (undead). Might help with undead only spells. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/23/2024 2:50 PM
-The Guild lobby will now invis (temp turn into shadowmen) your bots to improve performance. This should help with dc’s. You will be able to use buff bot etc as normal.
-Instancers in Oasis and Frostcrypt have been created.. See the Friendly Ghost. (edited)
January 25, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/25/2024 2:35 PM
-T3 Respawn timers adjusted to 7.5 minutes vs 6.66
-Updates to T5 wording for turnins
-Epic 4.0 prework (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/26/2024 11:55 AM
-Friendly Ghosts (Instancers) will no longer be killable by players. (You heathens)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/26/2024 12:10 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.2
—Hiring a Merc will now work again.
—Bots: ^mez command will now work with Nerco bots
-Fippy’s voice can no longer be heard cross zones. (edited)
January 29, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/29/2024 11:35 AM
-GL bots turning into shadowmen, updated to all uniform size; cleaner that way.
-Arcane Soloris will encourage people to visit him once an hour. I’m hoping it reduces the amount of time I type to new people to talk to him.
-The Storm will be less noisy (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/30/2024 4:43 PM
-Updated to latest Binaries – v22.43.3
Updates for US specifically
1) Potential fix for some zone crashing. Noticed in PoShadow – Crash in HateList::Find #4027
2) #petitems command will now work with Targeting Bot Pets @WizBam007
3) Cross-zone/World-wide casts to affect Bots/Mercenaries/Pets – Our worldwide buffer will now hit everything.
January 31, 2024

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/31/2024 5:09 PM
-T3 Fractured Soul has increased AC/HP

Mortimer Greenwald — 01/31/2024 5:48 PM
-Bot Dual Wield Fix – Bots were using their Primary weapon in both hands. Been a year long bug!
-Worldcast now works on bot pets

December – Server Updates

— 12/03/2023 1:35 PM
-SpellDmg stat now affects DoT spells (Was thinking about Necro’s, Druids and Shamans).. this should be a good boost. (edited)
— 12/04/2023 7:03 AM
-Currency trader will now grant a small chance for 50 Chronobines if Bound Dragon armor is turned in. Should make it more fun
— 12/04/2023 8:34 AM
-Fixed an issue with Swarm Pets not attacking.
— 12/07/2023 9:08 PM
-Player health and mana now restores to full on level.
— 12/08/2023 7:50 AM
-Pets 80 and above will now summon their own weapons.
— 12/11/2023 5:34 AM
-Updated to Server Version v22.34.5 Change Log:
-Bots will restore mana/health on level.
-Bots will switch to new spells on level within same zone.
Other is now live if you want to contribute. (edited)
— 12/15/2023 7:00 AM
-Currency trader will now give you an option to spend 500 AA’s for a token that can be traded to insta-level a character to level 75 with an epic 2.0. Thanks for the feedback! (edited)
— 12/18/2023 8:08 AM
-Fixes to Bristlebane line (Howling Wind quest)
-Added guild tribute items for upcoming patch for guild system
-Player rogues have a slight boost to Backstab dmg (edited)
— 12/18/2023 6:12 PM
-Updated to Server Version v22.37.0 Change Log:
-Damage Over Time total bonus damage added to each tick instead of divided across duration
-Heal Over Time bonus heal added to each tick instead of divided accross duration. Additionally Healamt will now impact HoT abilities
-Cazic Touch/DT will hit bot rather than owner
-Fix Starting Items not being in right class stuffs
-AND A BIG THANK YOU TO @n!te for this one:
–^clickitem 13 byclass 11 would command all Necromancer bots to attempt to click their Primary item.
–You can find all the class id’s here ( and the slots here (
–Additional options to ^itemuse to narrow down the list of accepting bots. You can now specify by class, casters, hybrids, melee, WIS caster, INT caster or plate/chain/leather/cloth wearing.
-Xtarget necro pet spam fix
-Mr. Shitgear needed to get his shit together… handing out a rogue earring for a monk? who does that? (edited)
— 12/21/2023 2:52 PM
-Item Heal Amount Cap has been raised from 500 to 1000.
-T5 Tweaks (edited)
— 12/24/2023 10:47 AM
-T1 and T2 Rewards have been dramatically increased.
-T1 Savage Lord Chadder is now the single dragon to offer the T1 expeditions.
-T2 Respawn timers adjusted <9 minutes
-T3 Respawn timers adjusted <7 minutes
-T4 Respawn timers adjusted <9 minutes
-T5 Respawn timers adjusted 6.5 minutes
–This all in preparation for T5 (edited)
— 12/26/2023 at 9:00 AM
-Bots will now re-summon pets on level up. There is a check to see if the bot is engaged first.

November – Server Updates

— 11/06/2023 7:03 AM
-Added over 250 items for the range gods to the db. GL (edited)
— 11/17/2023 5:13 AM
-Updated to Server Version v22.33.0 Change Log:
-Updates to 43 quests to bring up to date w/ project teams. Across multiple zones. (edited)
— 11/19/2023 2:45 PM
-Updated to Server Version v22.34.0 Change Log: <–this is awesome
-Brownie fight updated… Take a sprinkle of stardust, a dash of glee, Add a cup of laughter, mix with glee, Stir in imagination, let it ignite, Watch as it grows into a magnificent sight. (edited)
— 11/24/2023 8:55 AM
-Added over 6,300 new items to the DB. They have all been added to random drops.
— 11/24/2023 10:35 AM
-Updated to Server Version v22.34.2 Change Log:
–cool shit included.. bot keeps threat fix, and Dots weren’t cycling through on bots in certain conditions.
—Fix bots/Mercenaries being removed from hatelist (#3708) @Kinglykrab 2023-11-23
—Fix some spell types failing IsValidSpellRange check (#3707) @n!te 2023-11-23 (edited)
— 11/27/2023 9:32 AM
-Titus Pomponius Atticus can now exchange Bound Dragon Armor for Chronobines. Enjoy. (edited)

October – Server Updates

-Updated to Server Version 22.27.0 Change Log:
-Updated Dragon adds in poShadow
-T4 Bracers added to vendor (edited)

— 10/11/2023 3:09 PM
-T4 Boots added to vendor
— 10/12/2023 2:37 PM
-POK door to guildlobby will move player to the correct instance. For anyone still using doors vs #zone guildlobby
— 10/16/2023 6:07 AM
-Updated to Server Version 22.28.0 Change Log:
–Adjust Bot Movement Speed (#3615) @Kinglykrab 2023-10-14.. Interesting here.. Let me know if bots tend to run a bit better for all of you. (edited)
— 10/23/2023 5:24 AM
-Updated to Server Version v22.29.1 Change Log:
–In this update there is a new table for Bot starting gear. Im going to place Mr. Shitgear stuff on starting bots to save time.. Give me this week to figure that out.
— 10/24/2023 6:36 AM
-Newly created bots now have gear (from Hubert) automatically equipped. (edited)

September – Server Updates

  1. 09/01/2023 9:56 AM-Added lvl 86 merc to DB.. should be able to hire them if you actually want them
  2. 09/09/2023 9:09 AM-Oasis Silk Pantaloons level dropped to 70 (consistent with other armor) -Repsawn times in Lguk, Mistmoore, Unrest, Crushbone changed to 5minutes.
  3. 09/10/2023 9:07 AM-Updated Quests in a bunch of zones. This would capture update the project team has performed since Feb of this year. I only eye-balled a handful of brand new quests, alot of it looked like formatting.(edited)
  4. 09/18/2023 6:46 AM-Updated to Server Version 22.26.1. Change Log:
    -Zone Najena is in Alpha. We’re testing a method to allow player to scale a zone to their level if the zone is gray. Additional loot will be placed on the mobs when scaling. Note: they will still have their old loot on so we won’t be messing with anything original (intented). Go ahead and zone to najena and test it out.. find an npc that wont immediately attack you and say “zone repop” without quotes.
    Alot of this is going to change but so far im liking it.(edited) GitHub Releases · EQEmu/Server

August – Server Updates

— 08/03/2023 9:02 AM
-Task fix for “Rello me softly”, relloc credit in befallen
-LDON card update on gambit. (edited)
August 11, 2023

— 08/11/2023 9:00 PM
-Updated to Server Version 22.24.0. Change Log:
August 14, 2023

— 08/14/2023 7:04 AM
-Updated Binaries – Testing Bot AA fix
–This update includes a fix for Bots not gaining AA abilities when Spawned. This will have to be monitored for balance issues as I think it’s been around a long time.
August 29, 2023

— 08/29/2023 5:34 AM
-Updated to Server Version 22.25.0. Change Log:
-Update to our backend launcher. Feels a bit quicker while zoning.. nice
-Added a few Bot Wiz spells 80-85 (edited)

July – Server Updates

  1. -Updated Binaries a few revisions – See here.. #showstats on bots is a nice new feature
  2. -07/28/2023 5:58 AM-Updating Binaries from v22.19.0 to v22.21.2 –In this is a pathing issue that should make poshadow run a bit smoother –86, Enchanter Pet and Beastlord AA is called “Attack Warders” added. Change Log:
  3. -07/31/2023 5:17 AM-Updated to 22.22.1 Binaries.

May – Server Updates

  1. Mortimer Greenwald05/20/2023 12:54 PM-Updated Binaries -Karana Champion (t4 Vendor) is a bit more descriptive on where to venture in PoShadow.(edited)
  2. Mortimer Greenwald05/26/2023 6:30 AM-Updated Binaries –Potential fix for a grouping bug where members were “already in group”.

April – Server Updates

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/03/2023 12:47 PM
-Update to v 2.9.0 – Bot Groups have been removed. You can still invite bots to your group. But beyond 1 group create a raid. You can make social macros to spawn your team and /raidinvite botname. In a later update there will be an easier way to do this in bulk. The project team saw fit to eliminate bot groups due to the amount of crashes among the EQMU community. (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/03/2023 4:42 PM
-Update to v 2.9.1 Bots can now be invited to raid. Also fixed a number of unrelated bot crashes.
-Raids will no longer suck xp per member. It will be as if you’re solo like it was in bg groups. (edited)
April 9, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/09/2023 4:17 PM
-Various updates to items
April 10, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/10/2023 5:10 AM
-Bots will now cast single target buffs as group buffs. Note: Does not make single target buffs work for MGB
–This should help with less spam and get us back to the action quicker (edited)

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/10/2023 5:38 PM
-New task added to poShadow – lets say it’s pet friendly.
-Level 86+ HP/Stat bars should be working correctly. You’ll see a boost to your overall stats when you hit 86. As an example I had 62k hp pre-fix now I have 74k. (edited)

April 11, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/11/2023 3:56 PM
-Poshadow tasks now give more chrono’s per completion. We did some calculating, was way too grindy.

April 13, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/13/2023 9:32 PM
-Bug Fix: Shade of Karana will not spawn on zone entry. Only when Dragon killed. I went through logs, no one exploited this bug.. well done.
-Bug Fix: Naga will no longer banish you
-Bug Fix: Oracle Maeth will relevel you max level 86… was set to 85 (our previous max level) (edited)

April 14, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/14/2023 6:52 AM
-Removed the attunable flag for all Augs. Should have it easier to gear bots without the hassle of #augitem and the birdbath. (edited)


Mortimer Greenwald — 04/14/2023 11:49 AM
-Various tweaks to the Dragon King in poShadow. Enjoy
April 17, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/17/2023 10:20 AM
-Updates to shadow loot tables
–Chrono’s will drop more frequently.
–Weapon Augs have begun to drop
–Sublime augs will drop as well… GL
-New Named Added as well (edited)
April 28, 2023

Mortimer Greenwald — 04/28/2023 9:58 AM
-Cleaned up Race Blind (Temp race changer in GL).. bit more fun
-Added a new CPU to server
-Put in fix for Mercs (edited)
May 20, 2023