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Epic 3.0 Quest Line

Start out by seeking Emissary of Karana in the Guildlobby.

  • Hail the Emissary of Karana – To begin your epic Adventure.
  • “Well met, I am an Emissary of Karana, seeking assistance.”
  • Say “Assistance”
  • “Yes… Yes.. My esteemed Lord Karana has broaden his mind, he seeks out an adventurer who is willing to complete a task for him. Are you this adventurer?”
  • Say “Task”
  • “Lord Karana, before the time of his deity rule over Norrath and his humanoids, he was an uncertain entity… Karana created, destroyed and forgot alot of things prior to his coming. One of those forgotten things was a book, the book itself had many Mysteries… He needs help to retrieve it.”
  • Say “Mysteries”
  • The book contains a magical combination of Karana’s old magic, you should speak to him about it, seek him out in one of the Karana zones, every century he seems to move.”
  • The Emissary sends you to the “Karana” Zones to find him, I would look at the east if I were you.

Find Lord Karana and try not to annoy him with silly questions. Gods don’t take kind to pettiness.

Find Lord Karana at #zone 15 -2399 -3784.60 -43.25

  • Say Hail, Lord Karana.
  • Lord Karana Growls At You.
  • Ask him about what you are after, maybe the book?
  • “The..? Book?… My… My Emissary sent you?”
  • Say “Sent”
  • “Finally! I.. I have been searching for someone to help me… Yes help.”
  • Say “Help”
  • “Good good, i have a task for you young $class, you will most likely die but i will make sure your resurrection is swift.. Until you pass of course. The book must be retrieved, in return i will reward you with my gift.. A new, weapon? Yes.. A weapon..”
  • Say “Reward”
  • “Yes, don’t ask any silly questions, of course it is a book. Find this book, do not ask any silly questions.. Seek out my old Captain Veil’Darah and the reward is yours.
  • Say “Old”
  • “Who? Captain Veil’Darah is no who.. More so… A what.. Veil was my second before he objected and now he is a minor. But Veil’Darah has my book.. Stop wasting questions and go! Seek him out in the North Karana.”
  • Say “Why”

Lord Karana hands you a note for Veil Darah when you ask him about the reward, head to North Karana, the captain hangs around the other guards.

Go to Veil Darah in North Karana at #zone 13 95.43 -1237.53 65.57

  • Hail Captain Viel Darah, “Get Lost, Fool”
  • Hand him the note;
  • “Eh, so Lord Karana sent you about his book, did he?”
  • Say, “Yes”
  • “Well, I split the book up and burnt the cover.. The $Pages are no longer with me and nor should they be with Karana!!”
  • Say, “Pages”
  • “Split up they are, completely out of my reach.. Ha! One of them even lies down in the Shade Kings dunge… What trickery is this?? Karana… I feel you… Argh fine.. let the mortal defeat my Lieutenant, then maybe we will see… Here, take this and get ready. Hand it back when you are keen to die.”
  • Viel Darah hands you a challenge, hand it back when you are ready to face his Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant Aldara Veronil will spawn nearby at #zone 13 -294.27 -2652.62 25.17
  • Kill the Lieutenant and hand in the Medal to Veil Darah - #zone 13 95.43 -1237.53 65.57
  • Viel Darah tells you where you need to go for the other pages
    • Page 2 - Shade Prince, located in the Crypts in Frostcrypts - #zone 402 478.13 236.87 -228.40
    • Page 3 - Vault Master Goil in Valdeholm - #zone 401 1036.89 1722.69 5.94
    • Page 4 - Prismatic Caretaker in chambers before the Mother, in Crystallos - #zone 446 -388.88 588.63 -291.16
    • Page 5 - Ice Drakes in Crystallos drop a page, as well - #zone 446
    • Page 6 - A Noc Darklurch in Old Bloodfields - #zone 472
    • Page 7 - Any wolf in Field of Scale - #zone 452
    • Page 8 - Morzad Monsters in House of Thule, Upper Floors - #zone 702
      • Morzad Watercaster
      • Morzad Firecaster
      • Morzad Earthcaster
    • Page 9 - Rotticus in House of Thule, Upper Floors - #zone 702 294.13 558.13 64.77
    • Page 10 - Draconic Spirit Ember in Arcstone, Isle of Spirits - #zone 369

When you have all the pages, speak to Viel Darah again; - #zone 13 95.43 -1237.53 65.57

  • Hand in Be sure to follow these instructions, exactly or he will eat the pages:
    • First Hand In: Page 1 to 4.
    • Second Hand In: Page 5 to 7.
    • Third Hand In: Page 8 to 10.

Receive the First, Second and Third Quarter and hand them to Lord Karana.

  • Lord Karana will advise you that there is another part of the hand in, seek out who he suggests.
    • Go to poknowledge - #zone 202 1032.50 117.63 33.13 and buy 'Book Binding' from Elementalist Siewtha for 2419pp (non lore, can buy in advance)

Once you have all 4 pieces to hand in to Lord Karana, he will hand you back a Tear of Karana, you will then need to purchase a token from him, hand both in.

Congrats, that is your Epic 3.0!

Epic 3.0 List

Bard - Tuner, Blade of Maestro

Beastlord - Primae, Wildblood's Revenge

Berserker - Behemoth, Axe of the Juggernaut

Cleric - Zuarn, Shield of the High Priest

Druid - Survivor's Guildshield

Enchanter - Zazzle, Prismatic Entrancer

Magician - Prelae, Shield of the Summoner

Monk - First, Knuckles of the Stone Fist

Necromancer - Soul, Shield of the Deathcaller

Paladin - Obscurity, The Saint

Ranger - Karana's Aim, Bow of Light

Rogue - Shiv, Darkness Assassin

Shadow Knight - Zarith, Blade of Reavers

Shaman - Mintra, Totem of the Prophet

Warrior - Veriax, Blade of Champions

Wizard - Arc, Staff of the Pyromancer