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Epic 4.0 Quest Line

At level 86, start out by seeking the Shade of Karana after defeating Nicol Bolas in the Plane of Shadow.

  • Hail the Shade of Karana - To begin your epic Saga.
  • “Thank you, Adventurer, for your assistance in the Plane of Shadow.  Even as the dragon fell, I’d already begun to worry that Nicol Bolas wasn’t the one ultimately behind the growth of Shadow.  First The Storm and now Shadow…I’m sorry Hero, but I’m afraid I must ask more of you, if we’re to uncover who’s behind these events.”
  • Say “Behind these events”
  • “I do not know yet.  But one thing has been troubling me is the true nature of the Chronobines you found among the remnants of the Dragon’s forces. Things may be worse than I even imagined.  I worry that our unknown enemy may be seeking to completely unravel the very weave of time.”
  • Say “Weave of time”
  • “There’s only one being that I know who may be able to aid you on this quest.  You must enter the Void and speak with Zebuxurok.  I believe he may have the answers we seek.”
  • The Shade of Karana sends you to find Zebuxurok.

Into the Void

Find Zebuxoruk in The Void. Perhaps he can shed some light on Karana’s concerns.

Locate Zebuxoruk at #zone 459: -12.70 39.46 0.84

  • Say Hail, Zebuxoruk.
  • “I’ve been waiting for you for some time now, Hero.”
  • Say “Waiting for me”
  • “Yes, All your actions have been leading to this singular moment in time.”
  • Say “Moment in time”
  • “Karana’s fears are correct.  The fabric of time is under attack.  Already slivers and fragments have been ripped loose. Without intervention, soon all of time, past, present, and future will be undone.”
  • Say “Slivers and fragments”
  • “I believe I can undo the damage that’s already been done, but you must bring me the missing pieces spread throughout the timeline of Norrath’s past.”
  • Say “Missing pieces”
  • “Part of the magic of Norrath and the worlds connected to it, is that all of our reality exists simultaneously as a physical place, but also as a fixed point in time.  You’ve mastered travel between these connected points in time and space.  You must travel back through each era of Norrath’s past to find the missing pieces scattered throughout time, in places rarely explored anymore. Start at the beginning.  Once you’ve found the first four fragments, bring them to me.  Classic, Kunark, Velious, Luclin.
  • Say “Classic”
  • “I believe the first fragment will be found in the possession of an ambitious battlewizard of Clan Runnyeye. Lured by the promise of power, he became the first conduit of the Unmaker.”
  • Say “Kunark”
  • “There is a dark beast that lurks in the caves of the Swamp of No Hope that the Unmaker chose as his conduit in Kunark. Many unsuspecting adventurers have been caught by the beast unaware, but it should present no trouble for you now.”
  • Say “Velious”
  • “A miner in the Crystal Caverns unwittingly became the Unmaker’s conduit amidst the Scars of Velious. A simple stroke of his pickaxe was twisted without his knowledge and the tiny shard that fell appeared as nothing more than a shiny flake of stone to his primitive eyes. Now it will be his undoing.”
  • Say “Luclin”
  • “The shard in the Shadows of Luclin will not be so simple a task. The fragment of time that has been fractured is lost somewhere in the depths of The Deep. I’ve sent an agent ahead of you to begin the search. Seek her out and she will be able to help you in your search.”

Back to the Beginning

  • Zebuxoruk describes the locations of the first 4 fragments
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of the Old World – Battlewizard Unak in Clan Runnyeye  - #zone 11
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of the Ruins – A black revenger in Swamp of No Hope - #zone 83
    • Scarred Shattered Chronal Essence – A Ry’Gorr miner in Crystal Caverns - #zone 121
    • Luclinite Shattered Chronal Essence – Hail the Agent of Zebuxoruk in The Deep - #zone 164 -392.26 -639.06 -60.56
      • Complete sub-quest “Going Deep

Return to the Void

Return to Zebuxoruk with the first 4 fragments.

Go to Zebuxoruk in The Void at #zone 459: -12.70 39.46 0.84

  • Hand Zeburxoruk all 4 fragments together to receive
    • Fragment of the Beginning
  • “Ah yes, it seems Lord Karana’s faith in your abilities was well-placed.  But you must be aware this is only the beginning.”
  • Say “Only the beginning”
  • “Yes, but as I have been searching for answers about the nature of the insertion points, I believe I’ve begun to understand the power used by the Unmaker to shatter the timeline.”
  • Say “Understand the power”
  • “Breaking the weave of time is no small feat.  It takes an immense amount of energy, akin to that of an imploding star.  How one being has managed to wield such immense power I’ve not yet discerned. However, I am intrigued, and I’ve begun to think there may be an opportunity to use this power against the Unmaker.”
  • Say “Use this power”
  • “Yes.  While it is unlikely that any single entity could wield all of this power alone, I believe I have stumbled upon a way to isolate a small portion of the power and focus it into a single item that would be unmatched by any other weapon known throughout history.”
  • Say “A single item”
  • “I can say no more for now.  I must confer with Lord Karana before I progress further in my research.  In the meantime, you must find the next four fragments if there’s any hope that we may still prevent this calamity.  [Ykesha] [Gates] [Omens] [Dragons]
  • Say “Ykesha”
  • “The Unmaker’s conduit working in the lands of Ykesha is not who you’d first expect.  By all appearances he’s merely an unassuming druid, lost along an ill-fated trip that landed him in the Torgiran Mines, but I assure you, his intent is no less aligned with the Unmaker’s ruinous plans.”
  • Say “Gates”
  • “Deep within the heart of Taelosia lies the heart of the Trusik religion.  Known through the ages as the Pulpit of Exiles, Yxtta is also home to three great Primals, who discovered the Chronal Essence of Taelosia. They and their minions fought for the essence, and in their conflict, it was shattered, leaving each primal with a fragment.  My agent has gone ahead of you to Yxtta.  Seek her out, and she will help you restore the essence.”
  • Say: “Omens”
  • “I’ve begun to suspect that this entire plot and those behind it may originate from the Realm of Discord.  The Unmaker has sent his Emissary to the Harbingers Spire to serve as the conduit in the land of Kuua.  I’m certain it will possess the essence.”
  • Say: “Dragons”
  • “At the summit of the great Ascent you will find the great dragon Rikkukin the Defender and his protectors guarding a giant chest.  The Chronal Essence of the Dragons has been secreted away within this chest.  Slay Rikkukin and his guards to reclaim it.”

Trolls, Interdimensional Space Aliens, & Dragons… oh my

  • Zebuxoruk describes the locations of the second 4 fragments
    • Broken Skull Rock Shattered Chronal Essence – Gandak Whisperwind in Torgiran Mines - #zone 226
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of Taelosia – Hail the Agent of Zebuxoruk in Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles - #zone 291 -14.25 -979.90 -382.09
      • Complete sub-quest “A Time of Primals
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of Discord – Emissary of the Unmaker in Harbingers’ Spire - #zone 335
    • Draconic Shattered Chronal Essence – Rikkukin the Defender in The Ascent - #zone 339

Into the Void…again

Return to Zebuxoruk with the second 4 fragments.

Go to Zebuxoruk in The Void at #zone 459: -12.70 39.46 0.84

  • Hand Zeburxoruk all 4 fragments together to receive
    • Fragment of Wayfaring Time
  • “Sometimes memories feel so real in the present. The adventures of Morden Rasp and the Wayfarer’s Brotherhood may prove to be more connected to our present situation then he could have ever dreamed.”
  • Say “Present situations”
  • “Thanks to your efforts we’ve recovered nearly half of the disrupted chronal fragments.  But I fear your greatest challenge may still lie ahead.
  • Say “Greatest challenge”
  • “I sense that at the end of our endeavors we’ll be forced to confront the Unmaker himself…but there’s still more work to be done before we’re ready for that.”
  • Say “More work”
  • “The next stage of your journey will take you into the depths of Darkhollow, the lands empowered by the prophecies of Ro, to uncover Secrets hidden in Faydwer, and delve deep into the realms of Underfoot.  Meanwhile, I’ve nearly perfected the magic required to imbue an item with Chronal energy.  If you complete this task, I can think of no one more worthy than you to wield such great power.
  • Say “Darkhollow”
  • “Deep within the Nargil Pits stands the Guardian of the Pit.  He may have the essence you seek.  It’s getting harder to say for certain.  The timeline is becoming less clear.  You may have to make more than one attempt to find it in his possession.”
  • Say “Prophecies of Ro”
  • “Within the Devastation lives a race of giants who abandoned any sense of intelligence to become the embodiment of rage.  As a result, their Chief is perhaps one of the least intelligent creatures in existence. When he was presented with one of the essences, he did the most inconceivable thing…he ate it.  I’m sure you can devise a way to retrieve it, unless you want to wait to see if it might pass…naturally, but I remind you, we are running out of time.”
  • Say: “Secrets”
  • “I sense that you’ve spent a great deal of time within the halls of Crystallos, but this quest will force you to encounter creatures far more dangerous than drakes and prismatic dragons…GNOMES!  The Head Scientists in the S.H.I.P Workshop are conducting experiments on the essence to exploit it for their own uses.  You’ll find it in the possession of one of them, but it’s unclear which one of them may have it when you arrive.”
  • Say: “Underfoot”
  • “The Crystalkin have called the Pellucid Grotto home since before memories were made.  This made this hidden cavern in the world below a prime target location for the Unmaker’s plan to play out.  Kronk Kollus was lured by the promise of the peace of nothingness for himself and his kin.  I genuinely can appreciate his desire, but unfortunately this is one situation where we cannot allow our empathy to stay our hand.”

The Depths and Devastation

  • Zebuxoruk describes the locations of the third 4 fragments
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of Darkhollow – Guardian of the Pit in The Nargilor Pits - #zone 350
    • Partially Digested Shattered Chronal Essence of Ro – Chief Armbreaker in The Devastation - #zone 372
    • Shattered Chronal Essence of GNOME POWA – Head Scientist Lotrip, Head Scientist Twiner, or Head Scientist Wripple in S.H.I.P. Workshop - #zone 439
    • Brell’s Shattered Chronal Essence – Kronk Kollus in Pellucid Grotto - #zone 488

Into the Void…again…seriously

Return to Zebuxoruk with the third 4 fragments.

Go to Zebuxoruk in The Void at #zone 459: -12.70 39.46 0.84·  

  • Hand Zebuxoruk all 4 fragments together to receive
    • Fragment of the Depths of Time
  • “You’ve nearly done it.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t certain of our success when we first met. What you’ve accomplished already is near god-like.  Our goal is in sight, and our final step is laid before us.”
  • Say “Final step”
  • “Finally, Krakun Muram the Unmaker and his location have been unveiled.  My suspicions that this plot originated within the Realm of Discord were correct. I should have seen the only logical focal point for energy required to unravel all of Time, but I was blinded by the urgency of the other matters.”
  • Say “Focal point”
  • “The Unmaker has broken through the barrier of the dial into the very Plane of Time itself.  It is there, in the formerly serene environment that you must confront him yourself.  He must be in possession of the Chronal Iris needed to channel the energy required to break all of time.”
  • Say “Chronal Iris”
  • “We haven’t the time to worry now with how he came to possess this item, but if you return it to me, I will be able to heal the damage that has been done.  Go now, Hero.  Before it’s too late.  Return the Chronal Iris to me, along with the 3 fragments you possess, and I will focus the energy to create your reward.”

End of Time

  • Zebuxoruk sends you to confront Krakun Muram the Unmaker. Defeat him to obtain:
    • Chronal Iris – Krakun Muram the Unmaker in Plane of Time - #zone 219

Karana’s Sudden Arrival

  • Following the defeat of The Unmaker, a Light Portal suddenly appears. <GASP> KARANA HIMSELF HAS ARRIVED!  Hail him!
  • Say “Hail, Karana”
  • “<Name>!  Let us discuss your Epic.”
  • Say “Epic”
  • “To obtain the weapon I’ve made for you I will need the Fragment of the Beginning, Fragment of Wayfaring Time, Fragment of the Depths of Time, and the Chronal Iris.”
  • Hand Karana all 4 items together:
    • Focused Essence of Chronal Force
  • Say “Need”
  • “If you already have the components, I can craft it for you.”
  • Say “Craft”


  • You must have BOTH the “Focused Essence of Chronal Force” and the Epic 3.0 item of your choosing UNEQUIPPED and in your inventory before you say “craft.” 
  • Once you say “craft,” Karana will automatically take both items and return the respective Epic 4.0 weapon.  (No hand-in needed.)
  • You do NOT have to remove any slotted augmentations prior to the exchange as they will carry over.
  • Shadowknights will receive a 1-handed or 2-handed variant depending on which one is in their inventory at the time of the final turn-in. (links below)

Well done, you have obtained the ultimate tool to fight the darkness …  your Epic 4.0!

Epic 4.0 List

Bard - Kunark's Echo, Maestro's Ancient Melody

Beastlord - Velious Fang, Wildblood's Bloodened Legacy

Berserker - Luclin's Rage, Axe of the Shattered Moon

Cleric - Power's Call, High Priest's Planar Hammer

Druid - Ykesha's Season, Nature's Whispering Edge

Enchanter - Norathian Labyrinth, Entrancer's Lost Prism

Magician - Discord's Guardian, Summoner's Prismatic Blaze

Monk - Grandmaster's Omen, War-Torn Bladed Tonfa

Necromancer - Darkhollow's Shroud, Defiler's Veil

Paladin - Ro's Radiance, Lightbringer's Prophesy

Ranger - Serpent's Arrow, Bow of the Spine

Rogue - Buried Blade, Assassin's Sea Shadow

Shadow Knight - 1H - Faydwer's Torment, Dark Knight's Blade 2H - Faydwer's Torment, Dark Knight's Great Glade

Shaman - Destruction Seed, Prophet's Timeless Totem

Warrior - Underfoot's Valor, Myrmidon's Deep Voidreaver

Wizard - Alaris' Arcana, Spellbinder's Veiled Staff